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As a small software developer we get a lot of our exposure through the various download sites scattered over the internet. That's probably how you found us. Many people find out about our products in a very first hand manner in that they download a free demo version of the product. Below are some FAQ's regarding our demos.

How do your demos differ from registered versions of the software? When we construct a demo of a product we simply set certain flags that turn off features such as saving documents or printing. The demo behaves exactly like the full licensed version in almost every way. We only limit what you can do, we don't make the "doing" any different. Our hope is that if you like the program and are feeling inhibited by the limitations, you will purchase a registered copy.

Do your demos have expiration dates? No. You can use them as long as you like.

Will you provide technical support if I have trouble using a demo? Yes, to a limited extent. We're really very friendly and will try to help, especially if the program is not behaving properly. All our tech support is via e-mail: support@innerloop-prod.com.

Should I download a demo before I make a purchase? Yes. We strongly recommend that you try out a program before you buy, both to find out if you like it and to determine if it works properly on your computer. Regarding this last point, the small size of our operation limits our ability to test software as completely as we would like.. The number of software/hardware configurations in the Mac universe is really quite vast and the same program feature may behave very differently in different environments. All users are also not alike, and what seemed perfectly logical and obvious to us may be as thick as pea soup to you. If your confused contact technical support. We also welcome your comments and suggestions. The more constructive the better.

If I'm having trouble running the demo on my computer, will the problems vanish once I buy the full version? It's unlikely that this will occur, although it is possible that by shutting off some feature we created a bug in the program. Again, if you're having trouble contact technical support.