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Common Points of Confusion

Version 1.0x

Version 1.5x

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The current version of Authentic Sound Recorder is version 1.5.3 which is an update to version 1.52. Version 1.5x is an update to version 1.06. Version 1.06 was an update to 1.05, the main fix being a re-working of the recording procedure to eliminate a problem that was occuring with older PPC computers. Version 1.5x has a redesigned interface, and includes several bug fixes.

Read a comprehensive list of bug fixes for this program in pdf format.

Notes From the Help Desk

Below are listed some common problems encountered by users of either the demo or the full version.

Having trouble recording using an older PPC?

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General Recording Issues

Useful information is available at our documentation download page.

Authentic Sound Recorder Version 1.05

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Technical Support

The following bugs (from version 1.0) have been fixed:

  • The popup menu that is used to set the current input device was not behaving properly (not holding settings etc.). That problem has been fixed and this menu (along with the checkbox that sets the play through state) has been moved to Recording Preferences.
  • The "Sound on this Mac" item in the Settings menu was not always yielding consistent results. After correction of several errors it now appears to be operating correctly.
  • When "About this Track" was selected from the Session menu while unsaved recorded data was loaded (right after recording) the temporary file that holds the data was being inadvertently closed. If you then tried to play the track you received an error message. That problem has been fixed.
  • There were several errors in the algorithms used to compute Fourier frequency spectrums. The program now correctly computes and graphs spectrums.
  • Authentic Sound uses many temporary files to record and mix.Some of these files were not being deleted and as a result were showing up in the trash after restarting the system. Except in the case of a crash the program should no longer leave behind any files of this nature once its execution is terminated.
  • The clock will now correctly keep time during playback even when playback is paused and then resumed.

Additional Features: You can now set both the recording sample size and sample rate.

Files Changes: Only the preferences file is different. The program will create a new one the first time you start it.

Known Bugs for version 1.05

  • We thought we had cleared up this problem, but apparently on Macs running System 8.1 (and perhaps earlier) moving the Playback Selection slider on the main control panel when no track or mix is open (when no sound data is available) crashes the program. Most of our testing occured on a G3 running system 8.6. We found no problem there, but running the program on an older PPC revealed that this bug had not yet vanished. If you have experienced this particular problem, contact Technical Support. If you are a licensed user we can supply you with a fix.

Common Points of Confusion


MultiTrack Recording

Some users are running into a problem when attempting to make a multitrack recording. A typical scenario goes like this:

  • The user records the first track ("track 1")and then saves the track.
  • The saved track is then checked on the playlist.
  • The user then wants to record a second track, and wants the saved track to play during recording.
  • The user clicks on the record icon and receives an error message regarding playback.

What's the problem?

You are still working with track 1, and need to close it (file menu) and then open a new track (session menu). Now as you record track 1 can play.

The issue is this: The program needs to know where to put the data that you record. Even though the recorded data goes into a temporary file, it's a temporary file that is ear marked for the file you want to play simultaneously. It's possible to get around this, but we felt that users would get into trouble (writing over data) if we allowed you to follow this route.

Session Files. Do I have to save them?

No. They are automatically saved. The session file automatically keeps track of all of your actions that need to be recorded, like adding or removing tracks, and writes this information to disk at appropriate points.

You Need to actively save sound data, such as tracks and mixes.

Icons Greyed Out. Seems like Everthing is Turned Off

Usually the main control panel looks like this when you first open a session. Depending on conditions there will always be be a least a few icons and/or menu items greyed out. This is just is just the interface adjusting to conditions.Certain action shave to be prohibited, such as the saving of data when there is none, in order to prevent crashes or corruption of files.

The initial state of either the program with the control panel open or closed sometimes confuses people as they are looking for (we believe) some sort of a utility that is ready to record and play in a fairly unstructured manner.

That's not the purpose of the program. The idea is to record tracks and then mix the tracks together. A track must be open to record and play and tracks must be saved to mix. To begin recording open a "NewTrack" using the Session menu.

How do I get sound into my Mac?


see this short article regarding sound input.

Version 1.5 Bugs/Problems

  • Problem with Chooser: (7/29/01)If you try to open the Chooser from within AS Recorder nothing will happen. This was an oversight on our part, as we knew the problem existed in v 1.06. We have a fix and will shortly release a revised file.

Work arounds: Switch to the Finder if you need to open the Chooser.

  • (7/31/01)We've found some post-release memory problems. One occurs as sessions are closed and new or existing sessions opened. Some residual memory remains. We appear to have a fix and will release an update very soon. A second one causes the memory use to grow only slightly, but we should have a fix on that soon as well.

Work Arounds: If memory use becomes a problem restarting the program will always clear things out.

  • (7/31/01) You may encounter a problem when you close a session that contains saved mixes. The mixes may not be removed from the Session menu after closing. We have a fix for this problem and will include it in the soon to be released update.

Work Arounds: If this becomes a problem restarting the program will reset the menu. Note: this problem should not affect the actual session file or the sound data.

  • (3/10/02) There is a slight synchronization problem that occurs during playback of multiple tracks. Usually the tracks are in sync, but just play out of sync.

Work Arounds: If you have tracks that are supposed to be in sync, but play as if they are not, try creating a mix from the tracks and play then together using the "live mix" feature. This multitrack playback process should play the tracks correctly.

Fixes: We have a fix to the above bug that we will release shortly.

About Version 1.5
  • Improved Interface
  • Menu and keyboard control of recording and playback
  • Improved graphing tools
  • Greater control of the mixing process
  • Easier manipulation of playlist

AS Recorder 1.5 is not OS X compatible.