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Authentic Sound Studio version 2.0

This update to version 1 is currently under development.

New/ Redesigned Features:

  • More flexible design. You can now have multiple edit sessions open, simultaneously with tracks and mixes.
  • New Edit features such as the ability to create loops.
  • New mix features: You can now record level settings as a time sequence, so that levels can change during a mix.
  • More control over latency. You can now set playback/mix latency for individual tracks so as to correct for recorded latency and set playback buffer sizes.
  • More flexible playlist. Add tracks, files being edited, and mixes to the playlist and play them together.
  • Faster and efficient filters and effects. Filters and certain effects in version 1.x were implemented in the "frequency domain". This approach required multiple frequency decompositions of the data and was very time consuming. All filters and effects that were implemented in this manner are now implemented in the"time domain" where a filter is constructed initially and then applied directly to the data. This takes only a few seconds in most cases.


Here's some screen shots