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Technical Support Page for

Authentic Sound Studio v1.0x-2.x

e-mail tech support

The Current download is version 2.0.0.

Want help getting started with Authentic Sound Studio?

.Quick Start (version 1.xx)

Quickstart for verson 2

Audio Editing Concepts and Examples:


Example comparing reverb and echo (takes a few minutes to load)

Digital Filters

Having trouble recording using an older PPC?

OS X Issues

About Audio File Formats (converting AIFF to other formats)

General Recording Issues

Having trouble synchronizing tracks?

Useful information is available at our documentation download page.

about updates

Comprehensive list of bug fixes.

Bugs/Fixes for v 1.03


Common Questions About Recording


Note: Basic recording and playback processes using Authentic Sound Studio are virtually identical to the same processes carried out with Authentic Sound Recorder. You may get additional insight from the tech support page for that program.

How do I get sound into my Mac? See this short article about input devices.

When I start the program all I see is a menu. How do I start recording? Open a session by choosing "New Session" from the File menu. Once you've opened a session the Control Panel will be visible. Many icons will be grayed out.The next step is to open a"New Track" (see the Session menu).

Tracks are the fundamental units of the program. All recording is directed to a track and mixes consist of combinations of tracks. You have to get some tracks together before you mix.

Overdubbing and Mixing

Overdubbing:Building a mix usually means recording a number of tracks. Captured on each track is either a single instrument or voice or some combination of instruments/voices. As you finish each track, save it. Then open a "New Track" (session menu). Each saved track will appear on the Track List which is on the left side of the Control Panel. If you want to play or sing along with a saved track or several saved tracks then add them to the Playlist (near the middle of the Control Panel). There are two icons in-between the Track List and the Playlist that handle adding and removing tracks from the Playlist. If you record with "Playback while recording" selected all tracks on the Playlist will play while you are recording. This is, by the way, a good way to synchronize tracks so that when mixed the timing will be right.

Mixing: To mix you add tracks to the Mix List which is in the lower right of the Control Panel. You then use the Mix window and (if needed) the Mix Sequence window to set levels and exit/entrance times for each track in the mix.

More about mixing.



Bugs (v1.0)

Memory Error During Edit Mode Playback: This occurs in Edit mode when a graph is open. If you've encountered this error it is not really a memory error in the sense that increasing program RAM will solve the problem. The problem is arising because the program cannot obtain a valid handle to the data it needs to update the graph.

Status: (1/14/01) We've got a fix that we will release in about a week. All registered users will be able to download and install the fix (a new program file) for free.Your password will still be valid.

For now, please try to work around the problem by closing the graph prior to playback.

Conflicts in Keyboard Shortcuts: If you downloaded a very early copy of version 1.0 (during late December 2000) you may notice that some of the keyboard shortcuts in the Sound menu are duplicated in the Effects menu. If your copy has this problem, download again as the problem has been eliminated from the current download. If you are a registered user your password is still valid.

Status: Fixed (1/12/00). Problem removed from current download.

Add to Mix Icon: This icon is not behaving properly.Once greyed out (during playback, for example) it is not becoming reactivated. This is resulting from a minor programming error, but it can be annoying. To get around the problem, using the Drag and Drop icon to add tracks to mixes.

Status: (1/14/01) We've got a fix that we will release in about a week. All registered users will be able to download and install the fix (a new program file) for free.Your password will still be valid.

Bugs (v1.03)

Memory Problem: The amount of memory used by the program tends to grow with time. If you use the program for an extended length of time it is possible that you will run out of memory.

We have a fix: (7/28/01). We will very shortly release a fix to AS Studio 1.03 that handles this problem. e-mail tech support if you would like an FYI e-mail notice when it is released.

Work arounds (for now): Increase the amount of RAM allocated to the program, or restart the program from time to time.

8/31/01 Version 1.04 released.

OS X Issues (v1.05)


There is a bug that causes the program to crash when the Recording Preferences window is open. This is not an audio issue but rather is related to the opening of the window. We had hoped to have a new version of Studio released by now with the fix included but that development project has taken much longer than expected and as a result we are releasing a fix to 1.05 that you can now download. Right now this is for registered users only.

Contact technical support.