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Authentic Sound Studio

Digital recording, mixing and editing application for Power PC Macintosh computers.


Download the demo version.


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You can purchase Authentic Sound Studio using PayPal, order through kagi or send us an order form.

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Authentic Sound Studio is now a Carbon Life Form!

(now available for OS X )

We Have released a carbon version of this program that will run on system 8/9 and 10. The current download includes both the classic only and the carbon version of the software.


Studio is based around the same foundation as Authentic Sound Recorder, but has many additional features such as editing capability and more a sophisticated mixing platform. Below is a partial list of the features we have incorporated into this application:

Mixing and Recording Features:

  • Multitrack recording and playback similar to Recorder but with more control.
  • Mix with up to 16 tracks.
  • Set track sequencing within mixes.
  • "Live mix" feature (adjust levels while listening to tracks playing)

Editing Features:

  • Hard disk , non-destructive,editing.
  • Copy, cut, paste and/or clear sound data from tracks.
  • Change amplitude of sound data.
  • Replace sound data with silence (useful for breaks where background noise can be heard).
  • Frequency domain filtering (high/low/band pass).


  • Reverb and echo.
  • Fade in/out.
  • Noise reduction.
  • Addition and removal of "room effects".


Multitrack Recording and Playback: The basic setup is similar to Authentic Sound Recorder in that you can play individual tracks or form a playlist and play several tracks simultaneously. You can also play tracks simultaneously while recording for overdubbing purposes. One of the major differences is that we have now installed level controls so as tracks play you can adjust their overall volume level.


Mixing Features: You can now form 16 track mixes, and all tracks do not have to enter the mix at the beginning. You can insert shorter tracks (like solos) anywhere in the mix. The mix window can also be used to simulate the final mix prior to actual mixing. Play the tracks and adjust their levels while they are playing.


Hard Disk Editing: Each time you edit a file, a copy of the entire file is made. All edits are then performed on this temporary file, and your raw data is not changed until you choose to save the edits. In addition, the entire file does not need to be loaded into memory in order to edit it. Any large section of data is broken up into smaller sections, each of which being small enough to fit into memory without excessive use of RAM. In principle, this lets you edit files of any size.