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Authentic Sound Recorder

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Version 1.5 Now Available

Upgrade to Authentic Sound Recorder v1.06

What's New

  • Improved Interface
  • Menu and keyboard control of recording and playback
  • Improved graphing tools
  • Greater control of the mixing process
  • Easier manipulation of playlist

AS Recorder 1.5 is not OS X compatible.

Current download=v1.5.3 which is an update to v 1.52.

Version 1.5.3 is now compatible with USB recording devices. You can now select and control these devices from within the program.

Price: $29.95

Authentic Sound Recorder is direct to digital recording software for Macintosh systems. Designed for right out of the box recording, Authentic Sound is designed to work directly with the sound cards installed as standard equipment on most Mac's. All you need is the software (a computer) and some form of input device such as a PlainTalk microphone.

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Download the Demo Version (1 MB)

Included with the download is a full version of the program that is password protected. The program can be purchased in this manner. see how to order.

Records, plays and mixes. You cannot save your mixes to disk

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On CD or as shareware. Make your purchase online or through the mail. We use PayPal and kagi for online ordering. Use the order form included in the download (or get one here) for mail orders.

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FAQ's regarding this program.|

ASR Tech Support | Questions about this program| Getting Started | Questions About Digital Recording


Features Include:

*Note that a sound data can occupy large volumes of hard disk space.

Authentic Sound Recorder is designed primarily for musicians and other people who are looking for an easy to use and inexpensive way to make digital recordings. It has no editing features and as such is not designed for sound editors or others interested in direct manipulation of prerecorded audio data.

Buy Recorder Now And Then Trade Up To Studio: Our current policy allows registered users of Authentic Sound Recorder to trade up to the more sophisticated Authentic Sound Studio merely by paying the difference in price=$20.00. So, buy Recorder now for $29.95 and then trade up to Studio (priced at $49.95) later for only $20.00!