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Audio Software for the Mac OS

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Our Authentic Sound software was designed with musicians in mind, and our goal from the beginning has been to find inexpensive ways to use computers to capture the authentic sound of instruments and voices. Though there is no true replacement for a professional recording studio you can do pretty well at home especially if you take advantage of the overdubbing, editing and mixing capabilities of our software. Whether your're a songwriter putting together demos, a practicing musician wanting rhythm tracks to play against, or a member of a small group. You can put together recordings that sound polished and professional. Give it a try. Our demos are free and even though some restrictions are imposed (which are removed upon registration) there is still enough room to play around and hear what your Mac can do.

Find out more about the audio capabilities of your Mac here.

Authentic Sound Recorder.Direct to digital recording software.

Version 1.5.3 is now available


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Authentic Sound Studio digital recording, editing and mixing software.

Check out version 2.0 which is now available.




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